Nodus is an independent investment banking business specialising in mergers and acquisitions, buy-outs and private equity


Nodus is an established group, with a successful track record dating back to our founding in 2003

We have assembled a team of professional, highly skilled and entrepreneurial-minded individuals who aim to deliver in everything that they do, no matter what. We fundamentally understand that our success is directly linked to our clients and fellow investors. We are dedicated to unlocking long-term value for our clients and fellow investors in ways that are smart, authentic, interactive and likely to develop lasting relationships.


It’s more than just a job

At Nodus we are driven by the belief – what we do is who we are – we strive to deliver solutions with the utmost integrity and the highest professionalism with the best possible outcome for our clients and fellow investors.


Independent and driven

We are fiercely independent. As a privately owned and funded company, we not only strive to make bias-free decisions, but are also able to maintain personalised relationships with all of our clients and fellow investors without fear or favour. We resolve to keep it that way.


Foresight with insight

As significant owners and investors in our businesses, the Nodus team takes their business interests and those of our clients and fellow investors seriously. Our participative and interactive approach, coupled with our depth of experience, means that our clients and fellow investors receive insight, strategic involvement and considered advice from individuals who have committed their reputation and success to the end result.